Monthly Archive for March, 2008

Sex-O-Matic- The Bar-Kays (Your weekend block party)

If this song doesn’t suggest an exceptionally awesome, hypothetical episode of Miami Vice, I don’t know what does. 6:25 of totally cheesasm. Was in the mix on the lunch hour Old School jam. I think some of you know what I’m talking about.

Head Rolls Off-Frightened Rabbit

Sort of the ultra-earnest British Isles jangle pop that they can pull of across the pond but comes out all emo on this side of the water. This song builds from OK to pretty good, I think. This new single is definitely slicker than their debut Sing the Greys, which is worth a listen. The new album comes out in April.

Dead Sound-The Raveonettes

The Raveonnettes with their wall of sound-shoegaze-Jesus and Mary Chain-girl group aesthetic seem right up my alley, but I’ve never had room in my life for them. This being said, I like their latest Lust Lust Lust, and find that this song goes from OK to really good when the twinkly bits come up a couple of minutes in.

Tired of Waiting-The Kinks

Kind of like the polite flipside of the Stones “Satisfaction”. Kinks songs are popping up the last few years all over commershes and stuff, but I don’t sweat it, I hope they are making bank. Totally classic.


Daylight and a dull, blah blah audience do their best to remove the awesomeness from this relatively good performance of Devotchka’s Transliterator, from their new album out Tuesday, March 18. These guys can definitely perform live, the only problem with this version is the mix. 3B is having a love affair with these Denver, CO Eastern European music enthusiasts. The flourishes never amount to affectation. I have very high hopes for the new album

Recent Bedroom-Atlas Sound

Song starts about 2:20 in (a decent sounding live performace). Kind of a lazy psych space-rock lullaby. Atlas Sound is the Deerhunter lead singer’s side project. The record has some interesting bits, and I like this song quite a bit, but as I am fond of telling UC, some songs would be improved by a planetarium.

It’s Just My Soul Responding-Smokey Robinson

This song is very interesting. A reflection on the treatment of African and Native Americans in America. It is very hypnotic. The Native American musical portion seems somewhat odd, but the song is heartfelt. Just imagine someone singing this on American Idol.

What’s Next to the Moon-AC/DC

Not even inscrutable totally standard, terrible AC/DC misogynist lyrics (BUT HE LOVES WOMEN!!!). Sadly, as usual, Angus craps out a footlong vegemite sandwich loaf of chunky riffage and I am hooked. It is a bad, bad habit.