Monthly Archive for July, 2008

Me and My Arrow-Harry Nilsson

I’d love for the ‘fork to review this these days from a new band. You could flip a coin on the 8.5 GENIUS/5.1 DERIVATIVE ASS score. I heart this.

Into the Open-Heartless Bastards

I remembered to start listening to WOXY again, so I could find some new bands to scoop off of emusic. I heard the HB’s “Valley of Debris” and liked it so I got their last album All This Time. The album was so immediately listenable and engaging that I also picked up the earlier album emusic had, Stairs and Elevators. It is pretty good as well, but this is one of those situations where the band sounds fuller, more wonderful, deeper and more complex on the newer album. You can see that they are growing as artists and that is always nice to see such a progression. It may have just been the recording budget, but the songs just sound “more.” Here is a fairly good to excellent live video for “Into the Open” from All This Time.

Go buy now.

Liar-Built to Spill

I just heard this tonight for the first time. The title makes it seem more sinister than it is. For example, it isn’t a song excoriating someone for their lies, their pathology, their abuse, their anything, such as the standard tropes about liars go. The other “Liar” that this song isn’t, is the Rollins Band “Liar” wherein Henry Rollins ably plays the part of a pathological Romeo whose sole goal is a game of sport and destruction. This isn’t that. This is the opposite of that. This is the “I’m not a liar” (because I’m telling you a truth, perhaps a difficult and painful truth, a truth that is bad enough to deny, to accuse one of lying). A good tune. From the possibly underrated You In Reverse (I still need to hear the whole thing).

That’s Not My Name-The Ting Tings

Never has such a seemingly annoying ditty have so much going on underneath the hood. I started paying attention at about 1:45. After about 2:45 you just have to give in. I’m sorry. Those are the breaks. Anything else would be last wordism.

The Ghost Of You Lingers – Spoon

I post this song from the stellar Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga album for two reasons: First of all, I don’t think this song is getting the same radio play that Don’t Make Me A Target and You Got Yr Cherry Bomb are getting, whereas it is equally stunning. The intensity of the piano chords gives the music a creepy and pulsating feeling. The video captures that well.

Most importantly, this is a massive FU to every one of you haterz that has ripped on Supertramp now or ever. Well, just eat it. This is the demonic and supreme reincarnation of the Supertramp sound and it reigns on your feeble souls. There.

Don’t You Want Me-The Human League

Beyond the inevitable or faux nostalgia, the first half of this video is several fold more complicated than many bottom of the barrel full length films these days. I realize that statement makes it seem like I listen to Elvis Costello and the Unattractives, but that doesn’t make it any less true.