Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Little Kids-Deerhunter

Deerhunter has at least one track on every release that worms its way immediately into my grey matter. Usually relating to some sort of repeated, advancing refrain. Some noisy bits with a chimey, insistent trudge throught the indie snow. This is from their latest, Microcastle, out just this week. I got it at eMusic, who I am convinced keeps moving up the date of my downloads evaporating each month. I think the album is decent, but this is the track that stood out to me.

I only put it under “shoegaze” because I think the feeling is of that genre if not the aesthetic.

Seal My Fate-Belly

They really screwed the marketing of this album. This was right about when “alternative” was just turning into penis rock only like everything usually does. So long ago. Came across an unlabeled mp3 on the ol’ computer and it was this track from an old mix CD. A stunner.

This is the ITV Chart Show from July 1995, Belly gets the last three minutes.