Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Neon Beanbag – Stereolab

This is from their latest, Chemical Chords. There’s an argument that Stereolab aren’t really treading any new ground, but I don’t really have a problem with that. On a full listen, this sounds kind of like a best of Stereolab, but with all new songs. I think this one sounds like Dots and Loops era Stereolab.

There used to be a restaurant in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago called Mod that had really strange tables and chairs. Trendy, with pretty good food, but the furniture looked like it came from one of those pictures from the sixties that purported to show what lounge furniture would look like in the ’90s and beyond. I’m not sure if I’m conveying the aesthetic properly, but that’s what Stereolab mostly sounds like to me. Like the Jetsons without the spaceships and robots. Loungy pop music that would have sounded futuristic 45 years ago, but doesn’t really belong to this era.

Regardless, this one has a very infectious groove to it, and listening to it makes me happy.

This Boat That I Row/Morning Dew-Lulu

I didn’t remember ever hearing “Morning Dew” before I heard it on the radio (DJ actually played the vinyl) the other day. Apparently everyone on Earth has covered this song at some point. Hilariously, Lee Hazelwood and Eisterzende Neubauten are on that list, the only list they likely share among their vast and disparate catalogs. I guess the version most people might know would be the Grateful Dead.

Anyhow, the Lulu version from 1968 (second of two songs here) has awesome marimba, horns and ultra-scuzz 60’s bass, and her voice is quality.

The Mountain (Live)-Heartless Bastards

We’ve loved Heartless Bastards for quite a bit, but ZRM gives us their newest, out very soon I think. Check it out at his place.

Interestingly the band is an entirely new lineup, save the lead singer, after the breakup of a long-term relationship within the band.