Monthly Archive for April, 2009

Make a Deal with the City-East River Pipe

I have entered a productive relationship with Pandora internet radio wherein songs I’ve never heard are played, and then I look on Emusic (not Emu-sic) and find they have the song. This is unpaid product placement at its finest. This is hazy bedroom psych at a very wonderful level. It just hits you with a very standard chord progression, the standard chord progression of almost uniformly awesome songs. This is the song of a lost mixtape presented to you by a friend of exceptional taste, the friends we all wish we are to other people the friends we strive to be. Therefore, I pass this to you.

On The Bowery – Shalabi Effect

So you’re doing ads that try to get people to work in a munitions factory and suddenly you realize that what you’re doing will create a bombed out landscape full of flying lute thingies (plus the odd car, also flying).

But hidden in the ruins are Canadians playing really cool Middle Eastern influenced drone music. So crooning to a bomb doesn’t seem so bad. And did I mention flying lute thingies (they’re ouds)? They rotate too!

If only there were a way of getting the music without bombing stuff. Oh well.

Note: This is less than a third of the album version of the track. For anyone with a remotely compatible aesthetic, the extended instrumental bit is amazing stuff. The P-fork review for the album is about right.

Between the Rent and Me-Snowden

A certain propulsive urgency. I like especially that it doesn’t feel overdone. Kind of like melodic retro-post punk. I wonder if the case can be made to have a certain amount of faith and get the entire album. This is a pretty good live version (the album version is on their 2006 LP Anti-Anti). This track was brought to my attention by Pandora.